Final List of Keynote Speakers

Day 1 - 25th of May 2015
SESSION 1 - Historical and technical sources on gilding materials and techniques
Celso Mangucci, CHAIA - University of Évora, Portugal
A Dispute Between Painters of Évora In 1729
Silvia Ferreira, Institute of Art History, Lisbon, Portugal
Gilding, "estofing" and painting: the artistic polyvalence of the gilders masters in Lisbon during the Baroque époque
SESSION 2 - Conservation State Assessment and conservation-restoration studies on gilded artefacts
Mariella Lobefaro, Associazione ICONE - Ricerca e Conoscenza, Biella, Italy
Post-Byzantine gilding materials and techniques: an integrated approach to their study and conservation state assessment
Day 2 - 26th of May 2015
Conceição Ribeiro, National Museum of Ancient Art, Portugal
Gilded surfaces and the knowledge of their techniques. reflections about conservation practice and chromatic reintegration
SESSION 3 - Multiscale and multidisciplinary analytical studies on gilded artefacts
Mauro Matteini, Florence, Italy
Gilding techniques in ancient painted and metal artefacts
Elsa Murta & António Candeias, Laboratório José de Figuereido, Lisboa and Laboratório HERCULES, University of Évora, Portugal
Late renaissance gilding. One case study: altarpiece of Funchal's Cathedral
SESSION 4 - From the Historical Sources to the Reproduction of Gilding Recipes in the Laboratory
Pedro Flor, Universidade Aberta, Lisboa
On gilding Renaissance sculpture in Portugal in 16th century: the case of Nicolas Chanterenne (act. 1511-1554)
Day 3 - 27th of May 2015
Agnes Le Gac, Nova University in Lisbon, Portugal
For Leveling, Polishing and Burnishing Polychrome Artworks Between The 16th And 18th Centuries, In Portugal: Tools Under Scrutiny
Elsa Murta, Laboratório José de Figueiredo, Direcção Geral do Património Cultural
Historical Reconstructions of Gilded Composites - A Multimedia Approach To Materials, Techniques And Their Investigation
SESSION 5 - Gilding materials and techniques between Europe and Overseas countries
Luiz Souza, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Gilding and polychrome in wooden polychrome sculptures and altarpieces in colonial Minas Gerais, Brazil: a Wonderful Material World yet to be thoroughly Studied, Preserved and Understood
Carlos Nodal, Asturias, Spain
The Gothic polychromy in the North-East of Spain: decorative repertoires and techniques
SESSION 6 - OUTREACH and dissemination strategies
Irina Sandu, University of Évora, Portugal
Gilt-Teller: a novel multimedia Outreach tool in Conservation and Heritage Science